Normative Testing Laboratory
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Normative Testing Laboratory

The Testing Laboratory of Master Group is an enterprise laboratory which has possessed the largest scale, the most complete equipment and the most normative management in the industry at home at present. Inside it are six sub-laboratories including Materials Laboratory, Corrosion Resistance Laboratory, Simulated Cooking Laboratory, Performance Laboratory, Packing & Shipping Laboratory as well as Small Household Appliances Laboratory. It possesses more than ninety advanced testing equipment and instruments such as Metal Analysis Spectrograph and Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrograph manufactured by SPECTRO Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. (Germany); Automatic Whirlpool Dishwashing Machine imported with original packaging from the USA; Energy Dispersion X-ray Fluorescence Tester, Salt Spray Tester, Electrical Appliance Safety Performance Tester, Milk Foam Lifetime Tester, Simulated Transport Shaking Table, etc. In addition, the Company possesses a group of testing engineers with excellent professional skills and strong awareness of quality control, and they are very familiar with the latest testing technologies and standards in the industry. Keeping pace with the times, the Company always organizes its Testing Laboratory throughout a year to make academic exchange and technical cooperation with the internationally famous “German Rhine TUV Laboratory” in order to improve its professional level and thus control the quality for every of its product users and ensure that the products of the Group can meet the requirements for high-quality life. Complete equipment and instruments can ensure strict tests on the raw materials and products in accordance with different national standards.

Material Composition Test

Raw Material Tensile Test

Handle Test I: Binaural Handle Fatigue Test

Handle Test II: Single-handle Fatigue Test

Handle Impact Resistance Test

Handle Fatigue Test

SG Handle Hanging Weight Test

Coating Flavones Test

Coating Vibration & Friction Test

Non-stick Test

Carton Compression Strength Test

Bottom-of-pan Thickness Test

Glass Impact Resistance Test

Adhered Tape Static Load Test

Cooking-mouth Water-dripping Test

(High-temperature Drying Cabinet) Product High-temperature-resistance Test

(Constant-temperature Constant-humidity Tester) Simulated Environment Test

Milk Foam Lifetime Test

Corrosion Resistance Test

Analogue Cooking Test

Dishwashing Machine Test

Ten Whirlpool Dishwashing Machines Imported from the USA with Original Packaging

Coating Friction Test

Videos of Testing Procedures

Product Patents

Innovative technologies are the first important factor for an enterprise to survive.

For years, Master Group has attached importance to scientific research and development as well as independent innovation, paid special attention to “four innovations” of system, management, technology and quality, established an industry-university-research cooperation base with Guangdong University of Technology, and possessed more than 60 professional designers and engineering technical personnel. Master Group has constantly launched stainless steel composite-bottom pots, advanced aluminum pots and small living electrical appliances with own intellectual property and high added value. At present, Master Group has possessed over 50 own patents and intellectual property rights. In addition, the products developed by it have been very popular with customers and merchants.

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